Lake levels continue to rise after recent rains

July 14, 2021

Mitchell County’s two lakes continue their rise over the last week since the strong rains over the last few weeks.

Lake Colorado City, which was at 83.2 percent full this time last week, is now at 85.1 percent full this week. The water level stands at 2066.69 feet, only 3.51 feet from full. Only one month ago, the lake was only 35.4 percent full and 13 ½ feet lower than the current reading.

Lake Champion has also caught a lot of water during the month of July, including two feet over the last week. One month ago, Champion was at 61.3 percent full and now it is at 77 percent full. Champion is full at 2083 feet and the current reading is 2076.75, only 6.75 feet below full.

No more significant rain is forecast for the next 10 days. The best changed of any precipitation will be Wednesday through Friday, July 21 – 23, when isolated thunderstorms are forecast for this area.

The pictures show water in Lake Colorado City State Park -- higher than it has been in years.

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