Kid’s Day Parade to be held Sept. 24

July 21, 2021

Who has fond memories of the Kiwanis Kids Day Parades that were held in September each year until some time in the 1990’s?

If you remember riding your bicycle, dressing up in costume and walking your pet in the parade, you will have the opportunity for your children to have that experience also.

The new and improved Kids Day Parade will rise again!

Dress up your kids in their best costumes, wash the dog, and decorate the bicycle for your kids to participate in the parade on Saturday, September 24 in downtown Colorado City.

There will be four divisions with three age groups each. The divisions are:

- Battery operated wheels

- Self-propelled wheels

- Costumes

- Pets

In each of the divisions, there will be three age groups. The age groups are:

- Up to 6 years old

- 7 to 12 years of age

- 13 to 17 years of age

While organizers are still making plans for the day, local civic organizations have come on board to help with the monetary prizes.

Radio station KVMC-KAUM has offered to help with other prizes, as well.

“This will be a community effort, something positive for the kids in our community to do,” said organizer Police Chief Charles Rice. “I have heard many complaints about nothing for the kids to do, so we are going to start here and hopefully have something regularly for the children in our community.”

If you have an idea or would like to help, please contact organizer Sheila Plagens at 325-728-3413 or Chief Rice. Volunteers make an event run smoothly. Donations for prizes, bounce houses, and possibly movie tickets are also being accepted.

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